Jahangir’s magic in Gazipur is in no equation

The election of Gazipur City, which showed the Awami League leader Azmat Ulla Khan’s shipwreck for the second time, gave Zayda Khatun, who suddenly entered the voting politics at the age of sixty-one, to the seat of the mayor, but Zayda’s son, former mayor Jahangir Alam won the election.

After Azmat Ullah’s defeat by 16 thousand 197 votes and Jahangir’s ‘magic’, various analyzes are going on in the political arena.

In those discussions, the absence of BNP in the elections, the division of Awami League’s votes, the sympathy of voters for a mother, the weakness of Azmat and the charisma of the cunning Jahangir are coming up.

Analysts also see a clear message for the ruling party in the local government elections eight months before the national elections.

Election analyst Abdul Alim said, “Azmat Ulla Khan of the boat lost to Zayeda Khatun of the table clock in the mayoral post; I mean the way Jahangir Alam worked behind his mother’s back even without standing for the vote, I would say that Jahangir Alam has won.”

According to him, the fight between the boat and the table clock in the voting field is actually a fight between Awami League and Awami League. Awami League’s vote bank has been divided between two candidates. Jahangir, who is leading in personal popularity, won the mother in that fight.

“It is important that Jahangir has managed to attract voters to him. It can be said that it is Jahangir’s victory, not Zayda Khatun’s. It will send a message to Awami League – candidates should be given after understanding the reality of the field.”

Awami League, however, wants to show that giving a ‘good election’ is more important than analyzing the results. The leaders of the ruling party are also claiming that the results of the local elections will not affect the national elections.

General Secretary of the party Obaidul Quader said, “People are most happy for holding free and fair elections. Awami League could not force its own candidate to win.

“Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina spoke of free and fair elections and it happened; Which has been appreciated all over the country. I thank the Election Commission.”