Not preventing gatherings ‘another Satanism’: Fakhrul

No more ‘jokes in the name of elections’

The BNP secretary general said that the Awami League had planned everything ‘in such a way’ that the ‘elections would be a game or a joke’. In that ‘tamasha’ they will be elected again.

According to him, the people will not step into the ‘arranged electoral trap’ of the government. Addressing the government, he said, “Doves eat rice again and again, this time it will not happen.”

However, Fakhrul also said that the common people are ‘scared’ in the current situation. And he is surprised to see ‘fear’ in their minds.

“I am seeing a dire situation in Bangladesh. Awami League has spread fear in such a way that even those who used to speak, now do not speak.

“Many don’t go to talk shows anymore, many don’t write in newspapers. What do you know, if you write any words, they will be sued again under the Digital Security Act! It is very painful that the people of our country have become so frightened, so frightened!”

Fakhrul said, “Those who speak the truth, why are they not speaking up, why are they not saying, you (the government) are doing wrong, you have taken away the rights of the people, you have destroyed the main point of the war we fought in 1971. You are imposing a dictatorial, autocratic, authoritarian regime on the people.”

Fakhrul said about the ‘police action’ on the election day of the Supreme Court Bar Association, “The police killed the lawyers and chased them away. Not one person I saw said it was unfair. I did not see the so-called civil society who protested.

“If there is such fear, it is unfortunate for the nation.”

BNP Secretary General also complained that Awami League cannot tolerate democracy and does not believe in dissent. He said, “They talk about democracy, but actually they don’t believe in democracy.”

BNP Chairperson’s adviser Amanullah Aman, Abdus Salam, NDP’s Fariduzzaman Farhad, Alternative Party’s Nurul Amin Bepari, Gana Dal’s ATM Golam Mawla Chowdhury, NAP’s MM Shawon Sadeki also spoke in the discussion presided over by Jagpa faction president Khandkar Lutfar Rahman and moderated by Secretary General SM Shahadat.