Who won the first documentary award

Commenting that there is a crisis for documentaries in the country, he said, “Documentaries are neglected by the government as well as private television. Despite a directive to show 25 percent of the total program documentaries, private televisions are chasing news and views. Government funding for documentaries has almost stopped.”

He said, “In our National Film Awards, only one award is given for documentary films. That’s why we want to identify good films for documentary lovers. That is why this reward system was introduced.”

The award-winning ‘Matiswar’ made with mobile cameras has been screened and awarded in several countries. Chaitanya Rajvanshi, the maker of the documentary, said that he was happy to receive this award for the first time in the country.

He said, “I built Matishwar with a mobile phone. There was no funding then. Got funding now. I can make good films using modern equipment.”