How The Body Changes During The 8th Month of Pregnancy?

During the eighth month of pregnancy, several changes can be observed in the body. Here is a step-by-step discussion of some common changes 

Physical changes during the eighth month of pregnancy

1- Abdominal swelling becomes evident in the eighth month of pregnancy. From this time, the head of the fetus descends downwards.

2- Due to hormonal changes, hair growth is greatly reduced during this period. As a result, the hair on the head does not seem to be less.

3- At this time, a yellow liquid called colostrum is released from the breast. This milk is the first drink a mother gives to her child.

4- Hormonal changes cause pigmentation which causes the breast shaft to become darker in color.

5- As a result of swelling of the uterus, stretch marks or cracks are created on the skin.

6- The black line between the lower part of the abdomen and the pubic hairline (vaginal line) becomes darker in color.

  1. Eyes – Begins to open and close
  2. Lungs – Respiration begins even if not fully formed.
  3. Hair- starts growing
  4. Bone- structure is complete but soft
  5. Kidneys – completely formed
  6. Skin – less wrinkled
  7. Nails – extend to the palms of the hands and toes.
  8. Digestive system- formation process continues.
  9. Ears – able to hear sounds. But prefers to hear mother’s voice or women’s voice over everyone else’s voice.
  10. Nervous system- The formation process becomes almost complete and begins to direct the functions of other parts of the body.
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