Neighbor sentenced to death for rape and murder of child in Jessore

A court sentenced a youth to death for murdering a six-year-old child after raping him in Jessore.

Judge Golam Kabir of the District Women and Child Torture Prevention Tribunal-1 announced the verdict in the presence of the accused, said Setara Khatun, the lawyer of the state side of the court.

Convicted Nazmul Banda Ali is the son of Sher Ali of Thakurkathi village of Bagharpara upazila.

Besides the death sentence, Nazmul was also fined one lakh rupees.

Regarding the case, PP Setara Khatun said that there was a family dispute between the child’s father and the neighbor Nazmul Banda Ali, a resident of the same village.

“On the morning of November 20, 2021, when the six-year-old girl went to play in the yard of Nazmul’s house, Nazmul slapped her. When the child became unconscious, he took her inside the house and then raped her and strangled her to death.”

PP also said that Nazmul kept the child in a sack next to the bed to hide the body. Later they dug a hole to bury the dead body by the side of the pond.

“Meanwhile, the relatives kept searching for the child without finding it. Nazmul also joined them. He even pulls a net in the pond next to the house.”