What is Allergy? How To Reduce Allergies At Home?

Allergies are basically an immune response of the body. In this, various symptoms are caused due to abnormal changes in the cells of special parts of the body under the influence of some external substances. Allergies usually affect the eyes, nose, skin and mucous membranes of the respiratory system, among which nasal allergies are the most significant. What is allergy? How to eliminate allergies at home?

Disease causes and problems

There are many causes of this type of disease such as:-

1. Heredity: Those whose parents or siblings have the disease are more likely to develop the disease in their offspring.

2. Environmental: The disease also occurs due to variation in air humidity. Because the air that is inhaled into the nose attacks the delicate cells of the nose and causes such a reaction.

3. Inflammatory causes: Viruses, fungi, bacteria causing changes in the delicate cells of the nose and lungs or the skin can cause allergies.

Also, road dust, carpet parts, flower molecules, skin hair, bird feathers or fungal substances can cause allergies.

Signs and symptoms of the disease

Body itching is not a new problem. The body can be itchy due to various reasons. Many times hands, feet, back are itchy. It can be anything other than a physical ailment, a bacterial attack that heals when we scratch it with our hands. But there are some other types of itching, such as allergies, mosquito bites or any insect bites, bacterial infection anywhere in the body, hands and feet also itch when dry.

Home Remedies for Allergies

Allergies are a cause of discomfort Many suffer from discomfort due to allergies. These painful allergies can be caused by many reasons. Only the sufferers know how severe the allergy problem is. Due to this, many favorite foods have to be excluded from the diet. And the itching pain is there. But if you want, you can easily say goodbye to allergies at home.

Let’s know today how to get rid of allergies at home –

Neem leaves to remove allergies

Dry one kg of neem leaves thoroughly in the sun. Grind the dry neem leaves well and keep the powder in a bowl. Now buy the husks of Isub Gul.

Isubgul bark to remove allergies

Soak one-third of a teaspoon of neem leaf powder and one teaspoon of husk in a glass of water for half an hour. After half an hour, stir well with a spoon.

Lemon to relieve allergies

Lemons are rich in vitamin C and can easily relieve any itchiness. Especially the volatile oil of lemon is an effective ingredient to remove any kind of itchiness in the body. Cut a lemon into pieces and rub it on the itchy place for a while, you will see that the itching will reduce or heal.

Petroleum jelly to relieve allergies

If your skin is very sensitive or dry then use petroleum jelly. Because it has no adverse reactions and this jelly does not contain any kind of toxic substances that will harm your skin. So, if any part of the body is itchy, you can use petroleum jelly.

Aloe vera to relieve allergies

Aloe vera has a lot of moisturizing power. And this is a very good thing for our skin. If there is itching anywhere on the body, cut a piece of aloe vera and rub it there, the itching will go away 100%.

Basil leaves to remove allergies

Tulsi leaves rich in camphor are helpful in stopping any kind of skin irritation and itching. Take a few tulsi leaves and wash them, then rub the leaves on the itchy area for a while. Or boil some tulsi leaves in water, freeze that water and rub it on the itchy area and gently rub it to solve the problem.

What are home remedies for allergies?

You can easily say goodbye to allergies with home remedies, you can use neem leaves, tulsi leaves, aloe vera, isubgul husk, lemon, read full for details.

What can cause shortness of breath from allergies?

Does the allergy cause shortness of breath, but if the allergy persists for a long time, it leads to asthma. Commonly dust, flower particles, carpet, animal dander, feathers or droppings, insect bites or stings, cosmetics, chemicals, medicines, certain foods etc. can cause sneezing, itching and redness of the allergic person. And the patient with asthma begins to have difficulty breathing.

What does allergy mean?

The body’s immune system protects us from harmful substances. But many times the immune system in our body forgets many things as harmful, which are actually not harmful. I can call this allergy.
Allergy symptoms are: skin redness and itching.
Allergy-causing substances – such as certain foods, dust, plant pollens or certain medications.

What are the symptoms of allergies?

Allergy symptoms are: skin redness and itching, runny nose etc

How to avoid allergies?

When the body comes in contact with insect stings or bites, flower particles, dust, carpet, animal hair, feathers or faeces, cosmetics, chemicals, medicines, some foods, etc., a person with allergies starts sneezing and itching.
You can easily avoid allergies by staying away from them.

What problems are caused by allergies?

Redness and itching of the skin, runny nose, and even asthma can occur.