Colonel Ollie’s lie in return for what?

An interesting thing is that those who were against the Liberation War and the creation of a secular Bangladesh, including the proud Razakar Shah Aziz and Colonel Akbar, were very interested in identifying Ziaur Rahman as the hero of our liberation war. After the independence of the country they all fled. But after the assassination of Bangabandhu, they found Ziaur Rahman as a savior and united under his umbrella to transform the country back into Pakistan.

Those who want to make Zia a hero can tell why Zia transferred the slogan of the liberation war to Jai Bengal after killing Bangabandhu, gave the post of prime minister to the infamous Razakar Shah Aziz, why Colonel Mustafiz, Soleiman, Colonel Akbar, Justice Sattar, Jadu Mia, Rahman A bunch including Biswas formed his illegal cabinet with known Razakar, why did Zia Suhrawardy change the name and features of Udyan, why was Bangladesh Betar, Biman etc replaced with non-Bengali words?

It is not uncommon for a person who can occupy state land to be a liar. Whatever his role in 1971, his land grabbing scandal proved that he could do anything driven by greed. The question is, what did he get from Zia or his followers for lying on Zia’s behalf?

Liberation war researcher Professor Muntasir Mamun says that freedom fighters have become Razakars, but Razakars have not become freedom fighters. Colonel Ollie’s position after ’75 is a great proof of that. Moreover, considering all the surrounding circumstances, it is clear that Colonel Oli did not go to the liberation war for ideological reasons, he went to avoid death at the hands of Pakistani soldiers.