‘Don’t understand anything’ Seema Group Manager

Seema Group Manager Abdul Alim visited the rubble 20 hours after the terrible explosion at Seema Oxygen Limited in Sitakunda, Chittagong.

When he went to the spot around 12:15 on Sunday, he was questioned by the journalists present there.

He claimed to reporters that everything related to security, including the fire license of their company, was ‘updated’. Still, they ‘couldn’t figure out’ why the explosion happened.

Manager Alim commented, “We do not understand how this accident happened. After the investigation, it will be said how the accident happened.”

Promising the cooperation of the victims and victims of the explosion, he said, “The company is providing all-out cooperation to the victims. The administration is also doing it, everything will be done in coordination with them.”

Supervisor of the company at the scene. Sanaullah said that Seema Group has two oxygen companies. Of these, there are a total of five plants including three of Oxy Oxygen and two of Seema Oxygen Company. However, three plants of Oxy Oxygen are closed. And Saturday’s explosion destroyed two plants of Seema Oxygen.

Sanaullah said that due to the decrease in ship cutting work, there were less workers in the factory due to the decrease in oxygen production.

He told the reporters that because of the low production, now there are also less workers. The factory was closed on Friday, it was opened the next day on Saturday morning. Six people were on duty during the afternoon shift when the explosion occurred, but three had already left for prayers.

The stricken plant produced oxy-acetylene gas. It is mainly an industrial oxygen plant. Iron sheet is cut with oxy-acetylene gas flame. At the same time, re-rolling mills are used to melt iron.