LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman is leaving the OpenAI board

Social platform LinkedIn co-founder Reed Hoffman announced in an online post that he will leave the board of OpenAI, the maker of the popular chatbot ChatGPT, to avoid potential conflicts due to his involvement with various artificial intelligence-based companies.

Hoffman, who has invested in and advised the startup since it was founded in 2015, said his entrepreneurial company is investing behind various presentation generator companies like ‘Greylock’, ‘Tome’. However, they are buying various OpenAI tools for money.

In addition, Hoffman also co-founded Inflection AI, one of the top startups working on the same technology as OpenAI.

“By stepping down from the board, I will be able to proactively address any potential issues with OpenAI and all Greylock-based companies that I support.” He said. Besides, he also said that there has been no problem with OpenAI so far.