Rescue operation in the rubble of Seema Oxygen Plant on second day

In the densely populated area where the ‘Seema Oxygen Plant’ was constructed, there were 8-10 steel re-rolling mills, oil refineries along with several industries on both sides of the narrow road as well as houses.

After the terrible explosion, the area turned into rubble, nearby factories and houses were damaged. Seema Oxygen Plant is completely destroyed. Iron fences are bent up to the retaining angles.

Scattered in the plant premises are cylinders, pieces of iron, three wrecked trucks. Iron pieces are lying 50-60 yards away from the factory. Not only this, one person also lost his life after being hit by a piece of iron that fell about 500 yards away.

DAD of Fire Service Hamid Mia said, “Last year there was a fire and explosion at the BM depot. “Primarily, it appears that the fire was caused by an explosion.”

However, Inspector Tofazzal Hossain of the Chittagong region of the Directorate of Explosives is still not sure why the explosion took place there.

After inspecting the wreckage on Sunday morning, he told reporters, “It is not yet clear what caused the explosion.” There will be a meeting at the District Commissioner’s office, details will be given there.”

The stricken plant produced oxy-acetylene gas. It is mainly an industrial oxygen plant. Iron sheet is cut with oxy-acetylene gas flame. At the same time, re-rolling mills are used to melt iron.

Oxygen is supplied from the Seema plant for use in the nearby shipbreaking industry and steel re-rolling mills.