The prime minister wants effective action of the United Nations to stop the war

During the meeting, Antonio Guterres praised Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for her development, diplomacy and unprecedented success in tackling the Covid pandemic.

He said that they are proud of the leadership like Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina who successfully dealt with the Covid-19 situation and took Bangladesh forward despite the crisis created by the Ukraine war.

On this day, the Prime Minister held a separate meeting with UNGA President Saba Karosi at the Qatar National Convention Center.

In the briefing, the Foreign Minister said that the Prime Minister proposed the formation of an international forum involving South-South countries. Alternative possibilities and actions can be determined in the welfare of the people as the developed countries do not help as per their promises.

In this context, he sought the cooperation of the United Nations General Assembly in organizing an international conference on this issue for one day.

In response, the UNGA President opined that this initiative should be taken before the next General Assembly session. He lauded Bangladesh’s economic progress under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina and called it “a miracle”.

They also discuss water management and the impact of climate change.