Seema oxygen plant within the agglomeration, signs of destruction all around

Muslim Uddin of Kadmarsul area thought there was an earthquake, so he left the house and went out. Then he said that he saw fire and smoke.

Local Nurul Alam has been working as a security guard in the area for many years. His chest was shaken by the explosion. Nurul has understood by now where the risk is.

In his words, “In this densely populated area, factories have been built one by one. There are also many houses. There is no safety of life here.”

The stricken plant produced oxy-acetylene gas. It is mainly an industrial oxygen plant. Iron sheet is cut with oxy-acetylene gas flame. At the same time, re-rolling mills are used to melt iron.

Oxygen is supplied from the Seema plant for use in the nearby shipbreaking industry and steel re-rolling mills.

The industrial group owned by this company also has ship breaking industries and re-rolling mills.

Locals said shipwreck merchant Mohammad Shafi built the factory.

After his death, his three sons Mamun Uddin, Ashraf Uddin and Parvez Uddin run the company.

Mamun Uddin is its Managing Director. They have a shipyard named Ace Trading at Jahanabad in Sitakunda. Another factory owned by them is Seema Steel Re-Rolling Mill in Banu Bazar area.

After trying to contact Mamun Uddin on mobile phone, he was not found.

Chittagong Deputy Commissioner Abul Basar Mohammad Fakhruzzaman says that they also went to the spot and did not see anyone from the owner.

The Deputy Commissioner said, “We are trying to trace the owners. We did not find any of the officials and employees of the organization at the spot.

“Cylinders were refilled here. The cause of the incident cannot be said right now. A committee has been made to investigate. Based on their report, the cause can be ascertained.”