Full Text of Bengali Alphabet ‘Khude Boi’

Children’s mental world is a lake of joy. At every moment, there are petals of beauty and imagination blossoms. And so, it is necessary to convey the letters of mother tongue Bengali to them through joy.

But at present no such book of color identification can be found in the market. There are many debates about the method of introducing the letters in the alphabet books that are available. It is as if no one has thought that different worlds of joy can be created with colors.

From that thought, poet and fiction writer Abu Taher Sarfraz wrote ‘Khude Boi: Bangla Varna Prachoy’.

At the beginning of the book Dasyas are introduced to language and caste. In such a simple way that they will take this lesson with pleasure. Then introduce the vowels and consonants. Who then? Conjunction of car to consonants.

Then the use of car in consonants is shown. Eg: A rhyme with all the words with ka. Rhyme with as many words as there are. Until like this. This is how fun rhymes with short e-car, long e-car, short u-car, long u-car, r-car, a-car, o-car and o-car with all the words with each consonant.