Twitter launched ‘Blue’ customer service in more than 20 countries

Social platform Twitter’s financial fee-based customer service ‘Blue’ has been launched in more than 20 European countries.

As technology site TechCrunch reports, this expansion has led to the social platform’s customer service now being available in more than 35 countries.

New countries where the financial service has been launched include the Netherlands, Poland, Ireland, Belgium, Sweden, Romania, Czech Republic, Finland, Denmark, Greece, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Slovakia, Latvia, Slovenia, Estonia, Croatia, Luxembourg, Malta. and Cyprus.

The service was first unveiled in December for $8 a month under Elon Musk, with customers paying to get the blue verification feature.

Later, the company introduced various features like 60-minute long videos, 4,000-character long tweets and priority messaging. And this plan also has some features like tweet edit, thread reader and bookmark folder.