The captain sees a lot of improvement needed to ‘play semi-finals, finals of the World Cup’

Bangladesh lost in the first ODI after fighting hard. But in the second match, it can be said that Bangladesh did not care. At one point in the batting, though, England was under some pressure. But they overcame that pressure with the bat of Jason Roy and Jos Buttler. In the next over they reached 326 runs with great finishing by Moeen Ali and Sam Karan.

According to Tamim, there was even less chance of detaining the English. He also sees room for improvement overall.

“There will always be room for work. At one stage, they have gone from there! At one time, it seemed that they can be kept at 260-270 runs. At one time, I thought it could be 370.”

“We know very well that the spinners will not have much support there (in India). Have to rely on fast bowlers. Sometimes you have to rely on defensive skills as well. These must be worked on. When you think about whether you want to go to a certain stage of the World Cup or play semi-finals, finals, then these things have to be done.”

For now, Bangladesh wants to avoid a whitewash in this series. In the last 9 years, Tamim never got this bitter taste in the field of the country. The two teams will meet in the last match in Chittagong on Monday.