11 Problems will be Solved by The Husk of Isubgul

11 Problems will be solved by the husk of Isubgul !

Fenugreek husks are made from the seeds of the Plantago Ovate plant. It is a natural laxative. 71 grams of soluble dietary fiber per 100 grams of Isubgul husks.

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1. Relieves Constipation: Esubgul husk on contact with water forms a gel in the stomach and relieves constipation by increasing the volume of stool.

2. Relieves Stomach Problems: There is no comparison of Esubgul to keep the stomach cool or cool and to remove digestive problems. Esubgul husk syrup relieves stomach ache. Also, Isubgul husk gives good results in solving the problem of IBS. It is also good for those suffering from dysentery. It is also good for those suffering from dysentery.

3. Helps in weight loss: 10 grams of Isubgul husk mixed with a glass of water 30 minutes before eating, reduces the desire to overeat during meals. As a result, weight is controlled.

4. Reduces the risk of heart disease: Isubgul husk is a hypocholesterolemic food, which lowers the level of bad cholesterol (HDL) and increases the level of good cholesterol (HDL) in the blood. It also lowers the amount of triglycerides in the blood. As a result, the risk of heart disease is reduced.

5. Controls Blood Glucose Levels: Esubgul’s high soluble dietary fiber creates a net on the food absorption villi of our small intestine, resulting in slow absorption of blood glucose and blood glucose levels are controlled.

6. To reduce diarrhoea: During diarrhoea, isubgul husk absorbs excess water from the small intestine and thickens the stool and prevents repeated trips to the toilet.

7. Hemorrhoids: Constipation is the main cause of hemorrhoids. Therefore, hemorrhoid patients will get good benefits by eating the husk of isubgul regularly.

8. Urinary irritation: If the urine is yellow due to any reason and the urine is irritated, the bark of this plant helps to cure it.

9. To increase sexuality: Before going to bed every night before going to bed, drink a glass of lukewarm milk and make a sherbet mixed with honey and castor bean husks to increase sexuality.

10. Burning hands and feet: In case of dizziness or burning hands and feet, drinking a glass of sugarcane molasses mixed with the husk of this plant gives good benefits.