What are The Benefits and Harms of Isabgol Husk?

These have many benefits which are going to be discussed today. Let’s know the details about Isopgul Husk 

1-Isabgul husk for improving digestion 2-Isabgul husk for weight loss, 3-Isabgul husk for stomach cleansing, 4- Isabgul husk for diabetes prevention, 5-Isabgul husk for preventing piles, 6- Isabgul husk for diarrhea, 7- Isabgul husk for preventing acidity, 8- Isabgoler Bhusi for constipation relief, 9-Isabgolar husk for heart health, 10-Isabgoler husk for reducing blood cholesterol, 11-Isabgoler Bhusi is safe to eat during pregnancy, what are the benefits and harms of isabgoler Bhusi?-Isabgoler Bhusi

How is hyssop husk made?

Isabgoler Bhusi or Ispaghula husk as it is called is  ‘one of the most used medicinal plants in the treatment of constipation’ in our country. Many Muslims also eat it with sherbet during Iftar, especially during the fasting month. But do we know   it is available? Or  what is available from? So let’s know about the tree from which we get Isabgol or Isabgoler Bhusi. The scientific name of this plant is “Plantago ovata” It is an annual plant. ‘The plant is 12 to 18 inches tall. The plants flower within two months of sowing and are ready for harvesting in 110 days to 130 days’. This crop is cultivated in several parts of India, some parts of Pakistan, all over Iran, and also in Arabian Peninsula countries. Maybe you’re wondering where the bark of the ispgul tree is? In fact, after the maturity of this crop, the outer skin of the seed is ‘Epidermis’‘ And next to it the two lower layers separate together which we call Ispaghula husk or Isabgoler Bhusi .

Isabgoler Bhusi English name?

Isabgoler Bhusi scientific name “Plantago ovata” and English name “Blond Psyllium”, is an annual plant. Height is 30 to 40 cm. The leaves are hairy, 10 to 20 cm long and 1 to 2 cm wide. Another name of Ispaghula husk is Ispaghula husk.

What are the benefits of these husks?

Isabgoler Bhusi Benefits cannot be overstated, we have shared here thick and thin, so read the whole post carefully, it will be very useful. However, if you soak 5-10 grams of Isabgoler Bhusi in 1 cup of cold or hot water for 30 minutes and mix 2 to 3 spoons of sugar before eating and eat it in the morning on an empty stomach or at night before going to bed, you will get many benefits Asparagus husk contains natural ingredients that cure various stomach ailments and constipation. Those who suffer from long-term constipation will lose 100% of their constipation by consuming it regularly for 2 months. If the stomach is normal, it is better not to eat more than 1 to 2 days a week

How to eat isabgoler bhusi for the disease

Some questions and answers

Question: How long should the husks be soaked and eaten to get relief from constipation?

Answer: The benefits of food such as betel nut husks in constipation are that these foods are high in fiber, so they are not digested in the intestines, so betel nut husks are very helpful in defecating or expelling waste. For maximum benefit, dissolve in water and drink immediately without soaking.

Question: Is the husk of these beans soaked overnight and eaten in the morning? And is its use only to cure constipation?

Answer: Mild dyspepsia can be cured by drinking vegetable fruits and water, but eating vegetable husks increases the amount of stool and increases the water retention capacity of the stool.

Question: How to eat the husk of these? With sugar or without sugar? 

Answer to all questions:- It can be consumed in many ways, one is- 1-2 teaspoons mixed with 250 or 1 glass of water and consumed immediately daily. Mix it with water and eat it immediately so that the husks of these beans   enter the body and swell. No need to add sugar if not required.

It is also used as a probiotic for diarrheal diseases. Mix 2 teaspoons of husk with 15 ml of sour-curd and consume after meals. Then drink 1 glass of water. It will work in your body as a probiotic in diarrhea related diseases InshaAllah.

You can also   eat the husks of this plant in Irritable Bowel Syndrome or  IBS where constipation is predominant .   

And Isabgoler Bhusi helps a lot in reducing the pain of hemorrhoids, anal fissures or piles or piles .

Isabgoler Bhusi is used to reduce reflux disease or inflammation of esophagus . You can mix 2 teaspoons of this with 1 glass of cold water. Heartburn and gas in the stomach after eating are symptoms of reflux disease. It coats the stomach after meals. As a result, acid damage to the body is reduced. This diet results in less absorption of carbohydrates. As a result Isabgoler Bhusi indirectly benefits in controlling diabetes .

Now let’s know some more benefits of ispgul bark

Isabgul husk is a home remedy that has been used since ancient times for various diseases of the  digestive system of the human body . So the benefits of this white Isabgoler Bhusi husk not only solve digestive system problems but also have many other benefits. So let’s know more benefits of these husks.

These husks improve digestion

The husk of this plant helps in keeping the digestive process in proper condition. It also cleanses the stomach and removes accumulated energy. So you can eat these regularly to improve digestion. Also if you want you can mix isabgul husk with chup and eat it after eating rice. However, it is better to eat these husks immediately without mixing them.

Husk of these to reduce weight

These husks are the best tool to achieve weight loss goals. Due to the presence of fiber in it, the digestion process is much slower. So hunger is very less. If you eat these husks regularly   , you will not worry about weight anymore Eating the husks of Isabgul gives a feeling of fullness for a longer period of time and reduces the intake of fatty foods. Makes the digestive process more efficient and healthy. According to Vesha Shastra, it cleanses the waste material in the walls of the stomach. Mixing the husk of this plant with a little lemon juice will reduce my weight. Even if you wake up in the morning and eat it on an empty stomach, you will lose weight.

The husks of these are used to cleanse the stomach

Amongst all the remedies, these are the husks that can clear your stomach. Sometimes constipation becomes hemorrhoids. Again, this hemorrhoids is a deadly disease of cancer. To solve these problems, the human race has been using the bark of this plant as a medicine since ancient times. Medicines chemicalize the stomach   and the husks of this plant naturally help us to stay healthy. If you eat the husk of this plant every night and go to sleep, you can get rid of severe diseases like dysentery.

Even if the dysentery bacteria cannot destroy these husks , the body  can. So dysentery patients will benefit from eating a glass of isabgul husk in the morning and at night. If you take medicine to cure dysentery, the germs do not come out of the body until death. But this work can be easily done by the husks of these .  Due to which there is no fear of getting diarrhea again.

 Those who have burning sensation during or after Prosab can eat the husk of this plant  in the morning and afternoon.  The burning sensation will decrease and the color will return to normal.

In the case of burning hands, feet and dizziness , you will benefit from consuming sugarcane molasses with sugarcane husks regularly for a week.

These husks prevent diabetes

The husk of this plant is very good for diabetic patients . It forms a jelly in the stomach and slows down the breakdown and absorption of glucose thereby controlling diabetes. Mix the husks of this plant with milk or water regularly after meals to prevent diabetes. – There is a substance called gelatin in the husk of this plant. Which inhibits the process of absorption and breakdown of glucose in the body. As a result, blood sugar cannot increase easily. Therefore, there is no jury for these husks in controlling diabetes .

Bark of this plant prevents piles

These husks are naturally full of nutrients , so those who are having painful days due to diseases like piles can be very effective .

The husk of this plant is used to prevent diarrhoea

Although it may sound surprising, these can prevent both diarrhea and constipation at the same time. Many suffer from diarrhea. A great medicine for them is the husk and curd of this plant. By mixing these two together, you will get rid of diarrhea easily. Mixing these with curd is beneficial in preventing diarrhoea. Because probiotics in curd  clears stomach infections and strengthens loose stools and  relieves diarrhoea. To get rid of diarrhea , mix 2 spoons of isabgul husk with 3 spoons of fresh curd and eat after meals. By doing this 2 times a day you will get good results.

Isabgul husk to prevent acidity

Most of the people have acidity problem and these husks can be home remedies for this condition. The fiber present in the husk forms a layer in the stomach. Which protects us from acidity. Besides, this husk accelerates the digestion process. Eating Isgul creates a protective layer on the inner wall of the stomach that protects the stomach from acid burns. It also helps in proper digestion and secretion of various stomach acids. The husks of thistle   reduce the production of gas in your stomach. Thus the problem of acidity is relieved.

Bark of this plant to relieve constipation

The husks of these go to the stomach and expel all the waste materials inside. Being naturally hygroscopic, it absorbs water from the digestive system and increases the density of the stool, helping to relieve constipation. To remove constipation, mix two spoons of Isabgul husk in a glass of lukewarm milk and eat it every day before going to bed.

The husks of these are good for heart health

It lowers the cholesterol in the husk of this plant, thereby protecting us from heart disease. In order to be protected from heart disease, you should eat the husk of this plant because it is high in fiber and low in calories. So doctors always ask to eat such foods to prevent heart disease. It creates a thin layer on the stomach wall to remove excess cholesterol that can cause blockages in the arteries. As a result it protects us from heart disease and coronary heart disease. So you can eat it regularly after meals or in the morning on an empty stomach to keep the heart healthy.

These husks reduce cholesterol in the blood

 Eating the husks of this plant creates a coating in our intestines that prevents absorption of cholesterol.  As a result, the amount of cholesterol in our blood decreases and returns to normal. Hence it is a great food for ‘heart patients’.

It is safe to eat the husks of this plant during pregnancy

Yes, of course it is safe to eat the husks of this plant during pregnancy, but if there is any other time, then you must take it with your doctor’s advice.

What happens if you eat these husks on an empty stomach?

Many people have been suffering from stomach problems for a long time. Especially, those suffering from constipation; Most of the time they don’t want to share about this serious problem out of shame. But he is kicking himself in the foot. These problems will be solved by the husks of these. 

Now let’s know some disadvantages of husks.

These husks are 7 disadvantages

No offense but there are a few things to be aware of, let’s get started.

1. Eating too much of any food is not good for health. So even these beneficial side effects are seen.

2. Sometimes the husks of this plant can cause tension in the stomach. So in such cases stop consuming these and consult a doctor.

3. If allergy occurs, see a doctor without delay.

4. If you have health problems like appendicitis and stomach blockage then take these as advised by your doctor before consuming these.

5. Try to drink these together without soaking them for too long. The advice of doctors is to pour enough water and drink it as soon as possible. Drink plenty of water with it to get its benefits.

6. The husks of these   are difficult to swallow  , so it can cause problems for those with intestinal disorders.

7.  It is better not to eat for more than seven or ten days in a row , as there is a possibility of diarrhea if you eat it all year round . Apart from this, the bark of this plant also prevents the consumption of some medicines.

8. Do not eat curd with these husks  as it may cause constipation.


If the home treatment of the above mentioned diseases is very serious then definitely consult a doctor.

Check when buying these products. Buy packaged products

Buy packaged vegetables as the shells may contain spoilage and adulteration. stay healthy