The students who lost the scholarship are not happy, the parents are also shocked

Masum Billah, an assistant teacher at a government primary school, said there are two things to look at here.

“From the student’s point of view, it is very bad for them. This can have a bad effect on their future life, many may lose confidence. On the other hand, if the results are not corrected, those who really deserve it would be deprived.

“So that no one is broke, no one is deprived, the authorities should have been 100 percent aware and made the results public.”

The result disruption has also affected the students and their parents participating in the scholarship examination across the country

A student of Nabipur village of Debidwar upazila of Comilla was not included in the revised list after getting a scholarship in the talent pool for the first time. A member of his family told, “The boy and the family are very upset about this. He told everyone that he got a scholarship. I am suffering a lot because I don’t get it now.”

Sauda Ahmed Toa got a scholarship in the talent pool in the first result after taking the scholarship test from a government primary school in Netrakona Sadar Upazila. But the revised result shows his roll in the list of scholarship holders in general grade.

Your father Safayet Ahmad told, “My daughter got a scholarship in the talent pool. Her roll has now gone to normal grade. She is suffering immensely. She cried a lot last night, we parents and relatives could not stop her. To calm her down. Bringing it to the village house. We are also upset.”

Safayet Ahmad said that many people in his area have seen such changes. He said, “The results of many such students in Netrakona Sadar have changed. Many who got the scholarship earlier are not in the new list, and some got it in the new result, but they did not get the scholarship in the previous result.

“I am over 50 years old. I have never seen such a precedent. Due to this, a shocking situation has arisen among the students’ parents. Many could not believe this new result.”