Benefits of Consuming Honey – For Health

Health benefits of honey

Honey is a wonderful blessing given by God to man. The health benefits and healing properties of honey are priceless. The Prophet (PBUH) called it ‘Khairuddawa’ or herbal medicine. Honey is also called herbal medicine in Ayurveda and Unani medicine. As it is a strong, tasty and delicious food, it is also a healer. And that is why people from all walks of life have been using this extract, which is rich in both food and medicine.

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As a nourishing and strengthening drink in the family since ancient times. The main ingredient of honey is sugar. Many of us avoid sugar. But both glucose and fructose in honey are directly metabolized and not stored as fat.

What are the ingredients in honey?

Samples of sweets tested at the University of Moscow showed that they contain aluminum, boron, chromium, copper, lead, tin, zinc and organic acids (such as malic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid and oxalic acid), some vitamins, proteins, hormones and acids. Contains other nutrients except choline, antibiotics, phytoncides, cystostatics and water (19-21%).

There are some vitamins in honey

Vitamins like vitamin C or ascorbic acid, vitamin B-1, B-2, B-3, B-5, B-6, vitamin-E, vitamin-K, vitamin-A or carotene etc. honey is one type. Drugs that have antiseptic, anti-cholesterol and anti-bacterial properties.

Rules for eating honey

Take two teaspoons of honey in the right palm and lick it every morning and afternoon on an empty stomach.

The correct rules for consuming honey

While consuming honey in the right way can provide many benefits, consuming honey in the wrong way can cause many complications.

1 It is not right to mix honey in hot water or hot milk.
2. Honey should never be heated or cooked.
3 If you want to eat honey with milk, you must first cool the milk well.
4 Morning is the best time to eat honey on an empty stomach.
5 Freshly collected honey is more effective than old honey.
6 Mix raw honey with lemon juice to reduce acidity.
7. To solve digestive problems, one spoonful of honey should be taken daily on an empty stomach before heavy meals.
8 Cinnamon powder mixed with honey gives good results to cure blood vessel problems. Regular consumption of this mixture of honey and cinnamon also reduces the risk of heart attack.
9 Mixing lemon juice and honey helps in weight loss and keeps the liver clean.
10. Eating honey with gram flour every day to reduce sexual weakness gives good results.
11 Mix two teaspoons of honey and Tulsi leaf juice to cure cold and cough.
12 A teaspoon of Tulsi leaf juice mixed with equal amount of honey cures cough in a short time.
13 The young bark of young bell and mango trees mixed with jaggery and honey cures diarrhoea.
14 Jaggery juice mixed with honey stops vomiting.
15 A teaspoon of ginger juice and a teaspoon of honey mixed together in the morning and evening will increase cold and appetite.

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Honey will get rid of all the diseases?

Benefits of regular and moderate consumption of honey. Take a look at them

1. Honey prevents heart disease. Aids blood circulation by dilating blood vessels and increases cardiac activity;
2. Honey boosts immunity;
3. Honey cleans and strengthens teeth;
4. Honey enhances eyesight and memory;
5. Honey has antioxidant power, which protects the body from various reactions;
6. Honey antioxidants prevent cancer and protect cells from free radical damage;
7. Old age comes very late by eating honey;
8. Honey’s sweet calories increase the amount of hemoglobin in the blood, thereby thinning the blood;
9. Regular consumption of honey is very beneficial for those suffering from anemia, especially women;
10. Honey regulates glycogen levels;
11. Honey is beneficial in intestinal diseases. Honey alone can cure various stomach ailments;
12. Honey is beneficial for ulcers and gastric diseases;
13. Honey is very useful for decomposing wounds inside the mouth of weak children;
14. Honey helps control various body secretions and increases warmth;
15. Honey, rich in vitamin-B complex and calcium, strengthens nerve and brain tissue;
16. Honey contains starch digesting enzymes and minerals that play a unique role in keeping hair and skin healthy;
16. Honey relieves constipation;
16. Honey increases appetite, digestion and appetite;
19. Honey purifies the blood;
20. Honey strengthens the body and lungs;
21. Honey removes stiffness of the tongue;
22. Honey removes bad breath;
23. Honey relieves the pain of arthritis;
24. Honey relieves headache;
25. Honey increases body size and weight in children;
26. Honey is especially beneficial for sore throats, coughs, asthma and colds;
26. Honey If children are used to eating a small amount of honey every day, their cold, cough, fever, etc. will not be easy;
26. Honey removes physical weakness and prolongs strength;
29. Honey increases the energy of practitioners;
30. Consuming honey increases the body temperature so that the body is healthy, fresh and functional.

Benefits of honey

Honey is a good energy source food. Honey keeps the body healthy by providing heat and energy to the body.

Sugars in honey are easily digested. Because the dextrin in it goes directly into the bloodstream and works instantly.
Honey relieves diarrhea and constipation. Drinking 1 teaspoon of pure honey in the morning relieves constipation and acidity.

Honey Honey to reduce anemia

Honey helps in reducing anemia. Honey helps in the formation of hemoglobin in the blood. Because it contains a lot of copper, iron and manganese. Honey is a medicinal liquid with high medicinal properties. This honey works very well in the problem of anemia.

Rules and benefits of honey and black cumin

Rules and benefits of consuming honey and black cumin – Blackberries and honey have many nutritional properties. According to Islamic hadith, black jam cures all diseases except death. Black cumin also cures many ailments like insomnia and headaches. Honey is a great medicine for various diseases. Honey is also used in diseases like constipation, blood pressure, toothache and cough.

Honey to control high blood pressure

Honey also helps lower blood pressure. There is no substitute for honey for hypertensive patients. High blood pressure patients should eat honey mixed with lemon every morning and night on an empty stomach. You will see that within a few days your high blood pressure will be relieved. Honey and blackberries are very helpful for debilitated patients as they usually cure weakness after consumption. Hope you have understood these honey and kaloji benefits and honey kaloji consumption rules.

Honey for sexual problems

Many of us have various hidden diseases. The only home remedy for this hidden problem is honey. Honey also enhances sexual potency. Generally drinking a glass of warm milk with honey every day will give good results in sexual energy and your body will also be refreshed. Also, if you mix black cumin with honey, it will be very good for you. Honey plays an effective role in sexual problems. Drink 1 glass of warm water mixed with 1 teaspoon of pure honey at least 3/4 days a week to increase sexual energy.

If women have irregular periods, a teaspoon of Tulsi juice mixed with equal amount of honey and a pinch or a pinch of black pepper powder taken twice a day regularly for two months is beneficial.

Honey to prevent asthma

Honey also helps in preventing asthma and curing all lung diseases and respiratory problems. Honey cures asthma and lung diseases. Honey is said to be beneficial in all lung diseases. An asthmatic can breathe naturally and deeply if he inhales honey near his nose. Many people think that one year old honey is very good for asthma patients. Mix half gram of black pepper with equal amount of honey and ginger. Consume this mixture at least three times a day. It helps prevent asthma.

Consuming honey for insomnia

Honey is a good remedy for insomnia. Mix two teaspoons of honey in a glass of water before going to bed at night for deep sleep.
Honey is very helpful in sexual impotence. Also, warm milk mixed with honey is a soothing drink. Honey also plays an essential role in maintaining youth. Honey is an antioxidant, which improves skin tone and skin tone. Prevents skin wrinkles and aging. Increases overall body strength and promotes youth.

Honey to prevent tooth decay

Honey is used to maintain oral health. It prevents tooth decay when used on teeth. Prevents gallstones and reduces tooth decay. Honey is good for mouth sores and prevents the accumulation of pus there. Gargling with water mixed with honey relieves gum inflammation.

Honey to strengthen the stomach

Honey strengthens the stomach and removes digestive disorders. Its use reduces the secretion of hydrochloric acid, so it is possible to get rid of nausea, vomiting and heartburn.

Benefits of honey to keep the body warm in winter

Keeps the body warm in the cold of winter. A teaspoon or two of honey with a cup of boiling water keeps the body clean and fresh.
In case of diarrhoea, drinking 50 ml of honey mixed with one liter of water can prevent dehydration.

Benefits of honey to retain youth

Honey plays an essential role in maintaining youth. It is an anti-oxidant, which improves skin color and skin tone. Prevents skin wrinkles and aging. Increases the overall strength and youth of the body.

Benefits of honey to enhance skin beauty

The use of honey as a mask is very popular in women’s beauty treatments. Honey is also used to improve facial skin smoothness.
Honey does not contain any fat. So honey helps to cleanse the stomach, also honey reduces fat, thereby reducing body weight.

Benefits of honey in heart disease

A teaspoon of fennel powder mixed with one or two teaspoons of honey acts as a heart tonic. It strengthens the heart muscle and increases its efficiency. Honey boosts the body’s immune system and also provides the ability to fight any bacterial invasion inside and outside the body. Honey contains an antibacterial agent that protects the body from unwanted infections.

From the age of six months, babies should be fed small amounts (three to four drops) of honey regularly. It will increase their whole body, mental development will be good.

Honey boosts immunity.

Honey can boost the body’s immune system. Because honey contains a large amount of minerals, vitamins and enzymes that protect the body from various diseases. Also, taking a spoonful of honey every morning reduces the problems of cold, cough etc.
Mixing cinnamon powder with honey cures blood vessel problems and reduces bad cholesterol in the blood by up to 10 percent. Regular consumption of this mixture of honey and cinnamon reduces the risk of heart attack.

Honey benefits of honey in digestive problems

Honey to increase digestive power – You can make a habit of consuming honey every morning to get rid of digestive problems. Honey helps digestion by reducing stomach acidity. If you want to eat honey to get rid of digestive problems, take a spoonful of honey before every heavy meal. A spoonful of honey especially in the morning on an empty stomach is very beneficial. The sugars in it are easily digested. Because the dextrin in it enters the bloodstream directly and works immediately. Honey is especially beneficial for those suffering from stomach ailments.

Honey contains natural sugars that provide energy and keep the body active. Especially those who like to eat something sweet, can eat honey instead of other sweet foods. Honey reduces body weakness and tea-coffee addiction.

Benefits of honey on an empty stomach in the morning

Drinking warm water mixed with lemon juice and honey on an empty stomach in the morning helps in weight loss. It also keeps the liver clean.

Benefits of Beekeeping

Helps to produce more crops: Crop production can be increased through bee pollination. Beekeeping is now a modern pollination technology. It is universally accepted that successful pollination by bees is possible. During the flowering period, bees carry large amounts of flower pollen on their legs and chest hair. When the pollen of one flower falls into the womb of another flower, it becomes pollen, resulting in a fruit. Production of bee-pollinated crops increases by 10 to 15 percent during different honey-blossom seasons, and the value of the surplus crop produced is 10 to 15 percent higher than the total value of honey and wax produced.

Unemployment in honey production is eliminated

Role of cottage industry and elimination of unemployment: Adoption of beekeeping as a cottage industry will provide employment to many unemployed and increase income. Beekeeping provides an additional income opportunity to rural low-income families.

Contribution to foreign exchange earnings

Statistics show that in 2014, 2.3 billion USD worth of honey was exported globally. The European Union is the largest exporter of honey, accounting for 36.3% of total exports. Experts say that Sundarbans honey provides an opportunity to earn foreign exchange. Recent corporate scandals in various parts of the world have increased the demand for this specialty significantly. Apart from the natural honey collectors in the Sundarbans, there are currently around 9,000 beekeepers trained by BSIC. These farmers produce an average of five thousand tons of honey per year. In the fiscal year 2014-15, 550 metric tons of honey were exported from Bangladesh to India, United Arab Emirates and other countries worth Tk 55 crore. Day by day it is increasing.

Achieving Nutritional Security

The country is now self-sufficient in food but we still have some work to do to achieve nutritional security. Honey can play a role in this. Although honey is a food, it contains various vitamins, enzymes and minerals. It is called the medicine of all diseases.

Production of pure honey

Helps in production of pure and quality honey: Generally honey is extracted by squeezing the roof of the beehive. Honey contains beeswax, bee eggs, brood juice and other wastes as honey is not fully extracted from the hive. Honey mechanically extracted from beehives is as pure as the extract.

Helping bees to produce without destroying the hive: As a general rule, the hive is destroyed during honey collection. A large number of bees also die during this work in many cases. Apart from this, the eggs and chicks are destroyed. As a result, the number of bees is decreasing day by day.

How to recognize pure honey

How to recognize original honey – Honey contains about 45 nutrients. When pure honey is dripped into a glass of water, it drips directly down the glass. A few drops of honey on the blotting paper will not absorb the honey on the blotting paper. Adulterated honey moistens the blotting paper.