Half of the world’s population will die by 2035

The president of the World Obct Federation, Professor Louis Baur, says that the results of their survey are a warning to the countries of the world that they need to act now to avoid such a deterioration of the situation.

A report by the OBCT Federation has revealed an alarming picture of the prevalence of child and adolescent suffocation. It has been said that the level of obesity among boys and girls in 2020 may double by 2035.

Professor Bauer said the obesity trend in the world’s population was ‘particularly worrying’. Governments and policymakers worldwide must do all they can to avert the health risks and social and economic costs to young people by reviewing the root causes behind them.

The impact of obesity in the world’s low-income countries has been highlighted in a report by the OBCT Federation. Nine of the 10 countries with the highest risk of obesity in the world are low- and middle-income; All of them are either from Asia or Africa.