‘Messi, waiting for you’, message terrorists!

“Messi, we are waiting for you, (Pablo) Havkin is also (mayor) a drug trafficker, he will not be able to keep you.”

Havkin blamed the security forces for not being able to deal effectively with organized terrorist attacks. Crime has increased in important port cities in recent years. Dozens of ships drop anchor at this port every day to pick up grain.

“I spoke to the Rokkusos and they are concerned,” Havkin told media outside the supermarket.

Television footage showed bullet casings at the Roccusso family’s business. 14 shots were fired at the front of the building. The store was closed Thursday morning.

Santa Fe Security Minister Claudio Brilloni told the media that authorities are unable to make any firm assumptions about the cause of the attack. Prosecutor Federico Rebola said none of the Roccusso family had received any previous threats, a media outlet in Rosario reported.