‘Fire in the Chest’ released without announcement

Tanim Rahman Anshu-directed web series ‘Bukek Mok Agun’ has been released on OTT platform Hochii without prior announcement.

The series produced by Shahriar Shakeel is already said to be based on the death mystery of late hero Salman Shah.

Although the makers or producers did not clarify, as it is similar to Salman Shah’s life story, the name of the late hero’s last movie was ‘Fire Inside’.

Salman Shah’s family has also taken refuge in the court to block his release after seeing the news of the production of this series.

Meanwhile, the fire in the chest was released very quietly on Thursday midnight. Like all other series releases, no trailer has been released.

After the release of the series, there was no statement from the public relations department of Bangladesh. Tried to contact and found someone’s phone switched off, no one picked up the phone.

However, a video of actor Ziaul Farooq Apurba was uploaded on Thursday afternoon. There, the actor said, “Though Armaan Rahman is a fan of Joy, he can solve the case or not, if you want to see, keep your eyes on the excitement.”

Small screen and OTT popular actor Apurva played the role of ASP Golam Mamun in the series.