Awami League wants to loot the country and leave the country: Fakhrul

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said that Awami League is trying to leave this country by looting the wealth of ‘classes’.

In a discussion meeting on Thursday, he said, “Just like the Barghis used to come to our country and loot all the resources, today the Awami League has organized a program of looting the resources, created a festival of looting.”

“Today, all the people of Awami League – they have become desperate; Maddened that they will loot and leave the country very quickly with all the wealth.”

BNP Secretary General alleged that Awami League is destroying all institutions of the country by taking away the freedom of expression. He urged everyone to rally against it.

He said, “There is no time to sit anymore. Now everyone must unite, regardless of party affiliation, unite and struggle to remove this government and establish a people’s government.”

Addressing other political parties, BNP Secretary General said, “Let us all unite and build a Durbar movement through simultaneous movement. The movement through which we can defeat the government. I will be able to build a truly democratic Bangladesh.”

This discussion meeting was held on the occasion of the historic March 2 Flag Hoisting Day at the initiative of Jatiya Samajtantrik Dal-JSD at Jatiya Press Club Auditorium.

On March 2, 1971, the then VP of Daksur ASM Abdur Rab hoisted the first Bangladeshi flag at the Battala of Dhaka University.