The prime minister is disappointed with the trend of other jobs in medicine

Stating the government’s need for skilled scientists, Sheikh Hasina said, with the aim of creating skilled scientists and technologists, Bangabandhu Fellowship is being given for science and technology research and MS, MPhil, PhD programs at home and abroad.

In the event, it was informed that from 2010 to 2022-23 financial year, 682 people have been given fellowship worth about 268 crore 70 lakh rupees. Under the ‘National Science and Technology Fellowship’ at the MPhil, PhD and PhD level, the Ministry of Science and Technology has given scholarships or grants of about Tk 15751 million to 25 thousand 701 researchers since 2009-10. Besides, fellowships-scholarships-scholarships are also being given from the Prime Minister’s Educational Assistance Trust.

In addition to fellowships, special grants are being given to scientists and researchers, the Prime Minister said, from 2009-10 to the current financial year, research grants of Tk 177 crore 54 lakh have been given for 5 thousand 521 projects.

Sheikh Hasina said, “Those who have received grants for this research or fellowship, you should research with a little sincerity. I also want to know what inventions you have made or how useful they will be in our country.”

Sheikh Hasina also emphasized on adapting to technology in the changing world. He said, “Technology is constantly changing and the fourth industrial revolution has arrived. As a result we may need less manpower but we need to use information technology and therefore we need skilled manpower.

“Again, we don’t want to go all the way there. We also want to do labor intensive industries. Because, we also have to provide employment for a large population. The thought of how we can move the country forward by combining these two should be in everyone’s mind.”

He also pointed out that the Awami League government will establish 12 science and technology universities, some agricultural universities, marine science institutes, bio technology institutes and Novo theaters in the country. The Prime Minister also said that the government has also given importance to ‘Blue Economy’ to utilize marine resources.

Among others, Minister of Science and Technology Architect Yafes Osman and senior secretary of the concerned ministry Ziaul Hasan spoke on the occasion.