Recipe: Onion Leaf Pakora

Quick pakoras

First mix half a cup of gram flour and half a cup of corn flour with chopped onion leaves. Mix it again with black cumin, green chilli, onion, ginger, cumin-coriander, red chilli, turmeric powder. Then add asafoetida and oregano, basil, rosemary.

Home pizza makers have a wide variety of herbs in their collection. Such interesting spices can be given in half a spoonful. Do not give asafoetida and Italian herbs if not at hand; It will not reduce the soft and crunchy taste of onion leaf pakora at the same time.

Now mix everything again with salt. Sprinkle a little water and knead again. This mixture will not be thick or thin. It will be rather sticky. This means that all the mixture will stick to the onion leaves and the onion leaves will be visible.

Add remaining gram flour as required. If the water becomes less, gram flour and corn flour will also be less.

Rice powder can also be mixed with 2-3 tbsp. I have omitted rice powder in this recipe, as it is not suitable for many people.

By increasing the amount of corn flour a little more, the pakoras can be more crunchy. However, I have kept this pakora normal without making it too crispy, it is soft to eat even after frying the onion leaves.

This mixture of onion leaves cannot be pressed and shaped like a potato filling by hand, but can be held together like a dal; If spread in this way, the pakoras will be fried.

Two tablespoons of hot oil can be mixed in the pakora mixture. In this way, any chop or pakora, mixed with hot oil, swells and crunches while frying.