Essential pregnancy massage

Another name for this procedure is external cephalic version (ECV). If the position of the baby is not correct even after 32 weeks of pregnancy, i.e. 8 months, then this massage can be done between 32 and 34 weeks.

In preparation, the expectant mother will eat soft food from the previous day. as if his Bowel movement or defecating.

“Mom has to take it easy by putting her to bed. This massage does not require any anesthesia. If the cord around the neck does not mean that the pulse is tied around the neck, then this massage is an easy method.”

The abdomen is gently massaged with oil or lubricant. The position of the back and head of the fetus should be detected and rotated slowly with gentle pressure of the hands, so that the head comes towards the birth canal and the legs upwards.

During the massage, the pregnant woman does not feel any pain, but may feel discomfort due to the movement of the baby in the abdomen.

But after 34 weeks, the baby’s head becomes very difficult to turn, said Sharmin Banya. At this time the massage may need to be done ‘with several sittings’.

If someone who has given birth gets pregnant again, this massage can be done even after 34 weeks of gestation.

Sharmin Bonya said, as a result of this massage, normal delivery becomes easier by avoiding C-section.

Skilled and experienced midwives can understand the position of the baby’s head by touching the pregnant woman’s belly. Besides, ultrasound can be done to confirm the position of the baby in the womb.

A pregnant woman and her unborn child must consult a doctor to find out if there are other physical complications.