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www Result 2023 Class 5 Scholarship Result Talent Pool & General Student List – Official Result BD

About 50 days after the examination, the preliminary scholarship results are released. After receiving this exam from the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, the evaluation of his answer sheets was completed and the authorities released the results today at noon. You can see who has been selected for the scholarship among the students who have participated in this exam from all over the country through this post.

If you or someone you know has participated in this exam, then you can check the scholarship result by visiting the official website of the Department of Primary Education. In this post, we will discuss these things for you so that you can understand them very easily and after knowing the basic scholarship information, you can give suggestions to those who will participate in the scholarship exam later or whose family members will participate.

In the past when scholarship exams were conducted subject wise 100 marks exam was conducted and after taking this exam results were prepared on answer sheet evaluation. But since the introduction of Primary Education Completion or PSC examination, scholarships were awarded to various students across the country based on the results of that examination. But since it was not possible to conduct the class system during the Corona period, the primary education graduation is not accepted and the students are passed to the next class only through class tests or assignments.

www Result 2023

Class 5 Scholarship Result Talent Pool & General Student List

But in 2022, since the class system has been able to be run smoothly, we are informed that the students will not take the primary education final examination but the scholarship examination will be taken. In November 2022 if we know this information we can confirm in December month that the scholarship exam will be conducted and continue to provide guidance to the students to prepare for the same. According to that sequence, the students get a total of one month and get an opportunity to take the exam on 30th of December with a total of 100 marks in four subjects. That is, they are asked to participate in a two-hour test on Bengali English General Science and Mathematics subject with a total of 100 marks.

Generally to appear in scholarship exams one needs to read text books well and if a student tries to read their text books subject wise in a year then it is possible to master each subject well. Those who are thinking of appearing for the scholarship examination in 2023 must give the students a good idea about the textbooks and ensure that they show interest in studying the textbooks. Then scholarship exam will be different no preparation will be required and students will be able to participate in scholarship exam by taking proper preparation at right time.

So you have to go to the official website of the Department of Primary Education to know the result of this scholarship exam and see that the result has been provided either in the form of PDF file or in any other medium. We came to know that 33 thousand students got merit list and 49 thousand students got general scholarship. You have no problem as 20% of students in each class can appear in this exam and those who give very good exam will definitely get scholarship. So along with wishing all the best to those who participated in the 2022 scholarship exam, this post has detailed the rules for checking the results. If there are any more questions or if you want to know anything about it, then you can tell in the comment box.