Demonstration by burning tires on the road demanding cancellation of Awami League committee

Since then, a section of the Upazila Awami League has been demanding its cancellation, complaining of one-sided, intrusive, hybrid, anti-independence and Jamaat-BNP committee formation without following the democratic system.

Protesters have warned of a tough program if the controversial committee is not dissolved by March 20.

Ghatail police station OC Azharul Islam said that some leaders tried to block the road by burning tires. Later, the police went and extinguished the fire and normalized the movement of vehicles.

In this regard, Upazila Awami League President and Upazila Chairman Shahidul Islam Lebu said, “The leaders and workers of Trinamool have received the posts of Upazila Awami League. They are running rampage with Jamaat-Shibir to spoil the image of the government. They have no acceptance in the area.”