I have told the Chhatra League everything that happened: EB’s victimized student

The tortured student further said, “Later, the investigation committee of Chhatra League took my statement on mobile phone. I have narrated the entire incident, as best I can remember. Whatever happened to me. I narrated the incident for an hour and 5 minutes. They recorded it.”

Earlier, the student said that the central president of BCL assured justice by speaking on mobile phone.

When asked about this, Munshi Kamrul Hasan Anik, the head of the investigation committee formed by the BCL and the vice-president of the Islami University branch of the BCL, told reporters, “We have completed our investigation work. We requested all concerned to speak directly. Some responded to our calls and with some we spoke to them on mobile phones and completed the investigation.”

Regarding the statement of the tortured student, he said, “We called her and requested her to give her statement. But he demanded full security to come from home to campus. That is why we heard his complaint over phone and recorded it.”

The head of the committee expressed hope that the investigation report would be submitted by the evening.

An allegation of torturing the first-year student by keeping her in the guest room of Deshratna Sheikh Hasina Hall for four hours was made against the vice-president of the Islami University Branch Chhatra League Sanjida Chowdhury Antara and her associates.

On February 12, the victim girl complained that she was physically tortured by being kept in that room from 11:30 pm to 3 am.