How prepared EC is in one year to take on real challenges

The analyst feels that time has been wasted in various discussions, including taking up projects by talking about EVMs in 150 seats in the parliamentary elections.

He mentioned that if the ‘trust crisis’ can be overcome to some extent before the national elections, there will be great progress in the path of participatory elections.

Before the national elections, city corporation elections like Rajshahi, Khulna, Sylhet, Barisal and Gazipur should be completed this year. He accepts the big challenge of EC to give a positive message in these elections.

Alim said, “The people own the elections; The election should be taken to them. There will be 5/6 city elections ahead; If the irregularities here can be managed with a firm hand, the confidence of the voters will return. It is important to send the message that the commission wants fair elections at any cost; This is the big challenge for the EC now.”

Time will tell: Ahsan Habib

Electoral Commissioner Md. about the challenges of the remaining 10/11 months on the way to the parliamentary elections and the assessment of the one year left behind. Ahsan Habib Khan said, “There is no separate challenge, the way we made every election beautiful and acceptable; In the same way, I will hold the next 12th Parliament election, God willing. The Chief Election Commissioner has already said that we are determined to conduct free, impartial and credible elections for everyone at home and abroad.”

The Election Commission is moving ahead with the plan to hold polls between the last week of December 2023 and the first week of January 2024.

Ahsan Habib said, “How much time has passed, whether the first year has passed or the last year has come, it is not important to me. Performing constitutional duties; I will do it. I will do every work with transparency. Time will tell the evaluation of our work.”

Regarding the criticism of the voter turnout in all the last six by-elections, he said, as the by-elections of the six seats left by BNP were not competitive, the interest of the voters was low, which had an impact on the voter turnout.

“This is not a paradigm of all elections. There has been no dearth of our tough attitude, transparency and goodwill in every election, nor will there be in the future.”

Former army officer Ahsan Habib said that by stopping the voting in the Gaibandha by-election, they were able to send a ‘strong message’.

“Voters’ confidence is returning. There are elections ahead. We will try our best to have a beautiful election in the parliamentary elections. We are proceeding with the action plan to elect the twelfth Parliament in a participatory, free, impartial and fair manner. We have proven through our actions, we have gone ahead to earn trust.”