Notice to Chittagong University Chhatra League President and Secretary

He also announced that action would be taken against those who are creating chaos in the campus.

On the night of last February 20, the two sides of the compartment-based group Bijay of the branch Chhatra League clashed over the spread of supremacy.

Due to this incident, a party attacked Suhrawardy Hall on the afternoon of February 24 and vandalized a total of eight rooms including the Provost’s room.

Later that night, the University Proctoral Body and Police recovered indigenous weapons by searching Alaol and Suhrawardy Halls.

Earlier in January, 12 people including Acting Proctor Shahidul Islam were injured in a clash between leaders and activists of the branch Chhatra League. In view of this, on January 11, the central committee sought a written response within seven days.