At the end of the child’s watch, he talked with the Halum-Ikris

This year’s Amar Ekushe Book Fair will end on February 28. The shopkeepers said, this time in the list of children’s favorite books in the book fair, along with fairy tales, ghost stories are getting more prominence. On the other hand, teenagers are more interested in science, science fiction, thriller books.

Ruhi Akhtar, salesperson of Pankhiraj Prakashani, said that a large number of books for children and teenagers have been sold in this book fair. Especially ghost stories, fairy tales, funny stories, Aesop’s stories have sold more.

Mamun Ahmed, salesman of Knowledge Media Publications, said ghost books, Aesop’s stories, knowledge bank and fairy tales are selling more.

“Students from class VI above are buying Science Fiction, Knowledge Bank and Thriller books.”