Pilkhana murder investigation not fair: Fakhrul

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, for which BNP leader Nasiruddin Pintu was convicted, claimed that the investigation into the killing of 57 army officers in the BDR rebellion in Pilkhana 14 years ago was not fair.

The BNP Secretary General made this claim after paying tribute at the monument of the dead at the Banani Army Cemetery in Dhaka on the anniversary of the bloody revolt.

He told reporters, “We feel that the way this incident should have been investigated, the way the investigation process should have been conducted to bring out the real culprits and those behind it through a fair investigation, has unfortunately not been done.

“We have seen in newspapers and magazines that the army prepared an investigation report, the full face of which the countrymen did not know. We have seen in the system of justice that has been done later – there has been justice in two matters. Some people were sentenced, some people were sentenced to death, some people were sentenced to life imprisonment. But as many as 7,000 soldiers who many claim are completely innocent. The hearing of the case has not been completed so far.”

In 2009, out of two cases filed in connection with the Pilkhana massacre, the trial court sentenced 152 people to death and jailed 160 people, including BNP leader Pintu and Awami League leader Torab Ali.

In 2017, the High Court upheld the death sentence of 139 people. Pintu died before him in prison. Torab Ali was acquitted by the High Court verdict.

The judgment of the Explosives Act case in the same incident has not yet come from the judicial court.

Fakhrul said, “I was in prison a few days ago. I have seen that many ex-BDR members who are involved in this case are living inhumanely there for 13/14 years. Their families are ruined, all their futures are ruined.

“We will demand that the charges brought against them, judicial issues should be speedily dealt with and they should be released. Let’s look at these issues and create an opportunity for these people to return to normal life with their families.”

At 10:30 am, floral tributes were paid at Banani Military Cemetery under the leadership of BNP General Secretary. Kalyan Party Chairman Retd Major General Syed Muhammad Ibrahim, Former Air Force Chief Retd Air Vice Marshal Fakhrul Azam, Retd Rear Admiral Mustafizur Rahman, Retd Brigadier General Zahurul Alam, Retd Col Faisal, Retd Col Zainal Abedin, Retd Lt Col Syed Kamruzzaman, Retd Major Mizanur Rahman, Retired Major Niaz Ahmed, Retired Major Kohinoor Alam Noor, Retired Flight Lieutenant Harunur Rashid Bhuiyan, Jagpar Khandkar Lutfar Rahman were present on the occasion.