Wife’s rape case against Nawaz

Q. When did you file a rape case against Nawazuddin Siddiqui?

A. Last night (Thursday)

Q. Why did you describe your relationship with Nawaz as ‘rape’?

A. Because he said that was not about ‘live in’. But that is not true. We were in a husband-wife relationship.

Q. But were there any problems between the two of you?

A. Yes, it was. But we decided to give ourselves another chance to make the marriage last. Nawaz realized that we should stay together for the sake of our children.

Q. Have you ever signed divorce papers?

A. Although he filed some divorce papers in the court.

Q. How can he (Nawazuddin) file the divorce papers if you don’t sign the divorce papers?

A. The court will decide on this signature.

Q. Have you ever filed for divorce in the past?

A. No. I have sent him a legal notice. His mother called our son an ‘illegitimate child’ and I am upset about it.

Q. What happened after the settlement?

A. I never understood the man (Nawazuddin). He is not exactly the person he appears to be from the outside.

Q. When was the last time you met him?

A. When I went to talk to him about our daughter staying in Dubai.

Q. Then?

A. He spoke very badly to me. He teased me.

Q. Do the children want to stay with you?

A. Of course.