‘Bad’ food at exorbitant prices in ‘Kasundi’, exclusion of North South students

Shadman Taqi, a student who took part in the movement, wrote on Facebook, “We stand against the unfair price of food in the cafeteria. Our alumni are also with us. We will not eat Kasundi’s food unless the quality is raised, the price is lowered. We are determined to continue fighting for fair pricing.”

Professor Atiqul Islam, Vice-Chancellor of North South University, told, “It has not reached me yet. Our project director is looking into it. From what I heard, the canteen authorities want to increase the price for three or four years, but the students do not want the price to increase. Nobody wants anything to go up in price. But the canteen people are saying, ‘everything has gone up in price, we have to go up too’. Both sides have some arguments here.

“I never bother about these things. I am a master person, teaching-research is my job. Our board used to see these business aspects. The current board shows little interest in these matters. The board will see what the price will be in the end. The matter is a little uncertain. “

But he hopes everything will be fine soon. He said, “If the canteen is closed even for three-four days – it is a problem for the students.”

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