Mask dismissed allegations of ‘blocking’ Modi documentary

The owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, dismissed the allegations of helping the country’s government to stop the broadcast of BBC documentary on Indian Prime Minister Modi.

In that documentary, the issue of Modi’s role in the Gujarat riots of 2022 has come up. The documentary is titled ‘India: The Modi Question’.

A self-proclaimed ‘free speech champion’, Musk refused to take responsibility for the platform’s operations in India. He said it was not possible for him to “solve” all of Twitter’s issues in addition to running his two other companies, Tesla and SpaceX.

Google-owned YouTube and Musk’s Twitter have come under fire for complying with the Indian government’s demands for preventing users from sharing the documentary.

The documentary has for the first time ‘directly blamed’ Modi for the Gujarat riots. He was the chief minister of the state when thousands of Muslims were killed.

Using India’s Special Information and Technology Act, the country’s government ordered YouTube and Twitter to block content related to the two-part documentary. Kanchan Gupta, consultant to the country’s government, said this on Twitter on Saturday.

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