11 killed in Russian missile, drone strikes across Ukraine

Ukrainian officials claim that all of the 24 drones that Russia sent to attack across Ukraine, including 15 around the capital Kiev, were shot down in the latest attack.

47 of the 55 missiles fired by Russia this time have been shot down, they said.

Officials in Kiev believe that Russia has also fired several missiles this time using its Arctic bombers.

A barrage of missiles launched by Russia sent sirens sounding across almost the entire territory of Ukraine. A large number of people in Kyiv had to live in underground metro stations for long periods of time.

A spokesman for Ukraine’s emergency services said 11 people were killed and 11 others injured in drone and missile strikes targeting 11 regions, as well as 35 buildings damaged.

Russian missiles hit several electrical substations in a series of Russian attacks on Ukraine’s power supply management, Prime Minister Denis Schemehal said.

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