wild elephant

I repeatedly told Salim, no need; But he didn’t listen. Seeing his jumbo size jacket one day I said with a smile, “Aha! I wish I had such a thing!”

Salim, with a slight build, looked like an enormous elephant. But even that year, spring felt like winter, and the seasons were running fast, without allowing one to stand still. At that time, it seems that by some unfathomable destiny, Salim put the elephant with its hood on him, and the double gun was sitting on the elephant. When the customers entered the bank, they were greeted by the elephant and the gun, the man inside was covered in cotton and polyester.

Such a huge elephant is freely donated from the company, it cannot be. When asked to explain the matter, a stream of ungrammatical sounds began to flow from Selim’s speech-machine, which was mostly in hibernation. The company called him to bring the item on time. He does not know whether any price has been fixed for this, or whether it will be deducted from his salary. But their in-charge has already been told about another jacket; Godown or stuffing, so, manage….

I thought that it would work by scolding Salim. Moreover, you can manage if you want! Especially when the company’s accounting is very strict in these cases! But within a week, a newborn elephant appeared on my table in a huge polypack. Even though I didn’t touch it all day, I took it home at the end of the day, I couldn’t look at Selim’s crying face anymore!

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