BNP is scared: Hasan Mahmood

Awami League’s Joint General Secretary and Information Minister Hasan Mahmud feels that BNP leaders are afraid of Awami League’s Rajpath programme.

He told reporters at his official residence on Minto Road on Wednesday night, “It seems that the BNP is afraid of our counter-programme by Mirza Fakhrul Sahib’s words. I saw his speech the other day. With our workers taking to the streets in lakhs across the country, it seems the BNP leaders are scared.

“Bangladesh Awami League is a street party, our leaders and activists feel comfortable on the street. We think that, whether we are in power or not, Awami League is a street party. We are and will remain on the streets.”

The leaders of an organization named ‘Film Alliance of Bangladesh’, which has just made its debut, went to meet the Information Minister. After talking to them, the minister came in front of the journalists.

He said that there was a discussion with the film people about what to do to create cultural awakening in the whole of Bangladesh in the future.

The Information Minister said, “If someone is culturally prosperous, then he is not a fundamentalist, he is not a backward person and the society also benefits in that regard, the society is not backward.

“That’s why we discussed the matter with importance. We discussed in detail what can be done to take the film industry forward as well as create a cultural awakening across the country.”

The Information Minister said, “To move the society forward, a cultural movement is needed across the country. There is no alternative.”

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