‘Stop Mastani-Rongbaji’, Jubo League Chairman of activists

Sheikh Fazle Shams Parash, chairman of the organization, urged Jubo League leaders and activists to stop extortion-tender-bazi and Mastani-Rongbazi and advised them to change themselves.

At the triennial conference of Bagerhat District Jubo League on Wednesday afternoon, he said to the leaders and activists of the organization, “The time has come to change ourselves.” Extortion must be stopped. Stop the tenderization, stop the mastani-rangbaji.”

He urged people not to torture and oppress but to protest against injustice if they see it anywhere.

Fazle Shams Parash said, Bangabandhu’s ideal is the politics of patriotism and transparency. His aim was to build a society free from exploitation.

Urging Bangabandhu’s self-purified youth to restore order among themselves, he advised them to believe in the rule of law, to be fair and to develop skills.

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