We also want to move freely

We are all familiar with the term eve teasing. There is no village or town where a girl is not a victim of eve teasing.

This eve teasing has become a big obstacle in the way of women’s progress. Girls are often subjected to eve teasing on their way to school. Without measures to prevent eve teasing, many families stop girls from going to school. Incidents like child marriage are also happening.

Sometimes the girl is blamed for being a victim of eve teasing. The victim girl was blamed for not dressing properly, going out alone, etc.

Parents are worried about the safety of girls due to eve teasing. Even parents who encourage her daughter to move forward worry about it. Do not want to agree to send any work outside. Because of these reasons, many girls are deprived of the freedom they deserve.

This is one of the causes of child marriage. Many parents marry off girls early due to lack of social security. Many women fear joining the workforce because of eve teasing.

I am studying in 10th standard. Until now, most of the time my father or mother accompany me when going to school or any other work. When my house was near the school I used to travel alone but now since my house is far away I always have a parent with me.

I want to improve this situation. We want an environment where girls can move freely in our country. The way a boy moves without fear, goes to the market, goes to the field, we girls also want that security.

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