Shipwrecks off Japan coast, 9 missing

Matsuno said that all the 5 rescued crew members are Chinese nationals but no information about their physical condition was available.

Eight other crew members were later rescued by Japan’s Air Self-Defense Force and the Korean Coast Guard, a spokesman for Japan’s coast guard told Reuters.

Earlier, the Japanese Coast Guard said that after they found four crew members floating in the water, a private vessel rescued them. The incident occurred about 110 km west of Japan’s Danzo Islands, they said.

The Coast Guard could not confirm the report that the crew was in the lifeboat.

Strong winds and freezing conditions prevailed on Tuesday as western Japan was battered by a winter storm. Hundreds of flights were canceled due to bad weather.

19 crew members were rescued after a ship capsized in strong winds off Japan’s southern Okinawa islands on Tuesday, media reports said.

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