Want to follow the path of Bangabandhu: Kader Siddiqui

In the last 13-14 years, there has been a lot of looting in Bangladesh, Kader Siddiqui said, “But there is no liberation war memorial center in Tangail under the government initiative. Apart from this, there is no memorial of our surrender of arms. The new generation does not know the weapons that I deposited at Bindubasini Government Boys High School on January 24, 1972.”

Quader Siddiqui demanded the Liberation War Minister AKM Mozzamel Haque present at the meeting to erect a monument to preserve that memory.

He said, “I learned politics by watching my elder brother Latif Siddiqui. And I learned patriotism from politics. So I call upon all patriots and to work in the interest of the country.”

Liberation War Minister AKM Mozammel Haque was the chief guest at the discussion meeting organized by the Kaderia Army Arms Surrender Celebration Committee.

In the speech of the chief guest, Minister Mozammel Haque said, Kader Siddiqui is a proud child of history. Great man of liberation war. His heroism is rare in history. At the end of the war, he surrendered 140,000 weapons to Bangabandhu. It’s a surprise. Kaderia Army has a glorious role in the creation of Bangladesh.

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