Ruma of Comilla was killed by ‘in-laws’

The investigation revealed that some of the in-laws including Vasur Safayet, sister-in-law Al-Amin killed Ruma for disciplining the child.

The investigating officer of the case, SI Safayet Ahmed of Comilla PBI said that Ruma’s husband died about 11 years ago. Investigation revealed that she was staying at her in-laws house looking after her only child. But often Vasur Safayet physically abused him. He used to beat me if anything happened.

“Safayet was the main killer on the day of the incident. Safayet and her niece Al-Amin went to the cemetery at night and dumped the body in the bushes.”

According to the police, on the morning of the incident, the son Siam shouted and shouted angrily with his mother Ruma Akhtar because the dal was not cooked. Annoyed by this, the mother slapped the son. The mother-in-law slapped Ruma, the daughter-in-law, in anger; At one point, Ruma also got excited and kicked her mother-in-law. Safayet, her mother Rupsi Begum, daughter-in-law Jyotsna, Kohinoor Akhtar, Sumi Akhtar and Safayet’s niece Al-Amin were present during the incident.

At that time, when Safayet beat the woman, she fell on the ground and died instantly.

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