45 members of Jamaatul Ansar still unaccounted for: RAB

Seven college students from Comilla and Dhaka left the house on August 23 and did not return. The family lodged a complaint with the police station. Later, a young man from Dhaka returned home on September 1. Based on the information given by him, RAB came to know about the debut of a new militant organization ‘Jamatul Ansar Fil Hindal Sharqiya’ after arresting seven people for a month.

In a press conference on October 10, RAB revealed that 55 youths were found homeless in the last two years due to ‘militancy’, and the force published a list of 38 of them.

Tuesday’s press conference said that among the 38 people that RAB has arrested so far, there are people who are not on the October list as well as missing persons.

Giving an idea of ​​what RAB has learned about the organization so far, Khandaker Al Moin said, “RAB has learned from the arrested leaders and activists – the organization’s Amir Anisur Rahman alias Mahmud. The extremist organization also has six Shura members, who are in charge of the organisation’s invitation, military, finance, media and advisers.

“KNF trained 55 members of this new militant outfit in the hills. The training program was conducted under the supervision of KNF chief Nathan Bom, military commander alleged Brigadier General Wangchung Lian Bom, another leader media wing alleged Lt. Col. Laljong Mui alias Mawiya and another alleged Lt. Col. Lal Moon Thial alias Chir Chir Moi.”

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