DU policy to prevent research plagiarism, maximum penalty is dismissal

In the context of the publication of several incidents, Dhaka University has formulated a policy to prevent plagiarism in research, which provides for various punishments, including fines, degree cancellation and demotion, and even dismissal, subject to the possibility of correction according to the degree of duplication or consistency.

The policy titled ‘The Rules for the Prevention of Pleasureism’ was presented at the academic council meeting of the university on Monday.

University Vice-Chancellor (Education) Professor ASM Maqsood Kamal told that the policy was accepted in principle at the meeting. Two weeks time has been given for any further suggestions for corrections.

“Since this policy is very sensitive, we have asked the teachers to look into the matter carefully for another two weeks. If anyone has an acceptable opinion, then we will consider it. After two weeks we will take it up in the Deans Committee meeting and get approval in the next Syndicate meeting to implement it.”

According to the policy, adapting someone else’s data, ideas, writing or work to any research or writing without citations or sources is considered plagiarism.

In this study, up to 20 percent conformity was termed ‘acceptable’ (level-0). In this case, no punishment should be faced. However, in this case no more than 2 percent information from a single source can be used.

If more than 2 percent of the information is used from the same source or formula, it will fall under low consistency (Level-1). 20 to 40 percent similarity with others’ writing is also placed at this level.

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