The Prime Minister called for global assistance to the developing countries to overcome the crisis

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has urged the World Bank and other international organizations to help developing countries like Bangladesh to overcome the crisis caused by the Covid epidemic and the Russia-Ukraine war.

Sheikh Hasina made this call when World Bank Managing Director (Operations) Axel von Trottsenberg met the Prime Minister at his office on Monday.

At the end of the meeting, the Prime Minister’s speech was written by the author. Nazrul Islam briefed the journalists. He said that the Managing Director of the World Bank described the development of Bangladesh as ‘unbelievable’ and he assured to stand by Dhaka in the development.

“We have stood by Bangladesh since 1972 and will continue to support the country’s development efforts,” Trottosenberg said.

He praised the leadership of Sheikh Hasina and said that the main purpose of his visit to Bangladesh is to strengthen the existing relationship between the World Bank and Bangladesh.

Sheikh Hasina said that the per capita income of the people of Bangladesh was only 50 US dollars, but now it has increased to 2,824 US dollars.

Reminding that developed countries are responsible for the harmful effects of climate change, Sheikh Hasina said, “Developed countries are not keeping their promises properly.”

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