Nora wanted to share Sukesh from Jacqueline?

Nora Fatehi wanted to split him from Jacqueline Fernandez, claims ‘cheater’ Sukesh Chandrasekhar.

Hindustan Times reported that Sukesh, accused of smuggling Rs 200 crore, made this claim in a statement on Sunday.

Sukesh says that when he was ‘dating’ Jacqueline, Nora would ‘brainwash’ him to leave Jacqueline and ‘date’ Nora.

Sukesh claimed that Nora received 10 calls a day. According to her, Moroccan-Canadian dancer Nora was jealous of Sri Lankan actress Jacqueline, both of whom are now in Bollywood.

Jacqueline is well-entrenched in Sukesh’s money laundering case, but Nora not so much.

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