Energy Regulatory Commission (Amendment) Bill in Parliament

The revised bill provides for the power of the government to directly increase or decrease the price of electricity and gas in special cases.

On December 1, amendments were made to the Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission Act through the Presidential Ordinance. Then its application has also started.

As per rules, it has to be presented in the first meeting of the first session of the Parliament after the President’s Ordinance. Accordingly, Law Minister Anisul Haque raised the ordinance in Parliament on January 5. It has now reached parliament in the form of a bill.

In the previous law, Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC) had the power to increase electricity and fuel prices. Electricity and gas prices were being determined through public hearings by the commission.

Because of this amendment, BERC as well as the government will be able to fix, refix or adjust the tariff by notification in the official gazette in ‘special circumstances’.

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