The Chief Minister got a call after asking who is Shah Rukh Khan

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sharma does not know Shah Rukh Khan! So this Bollywood star called in the middle of the night and introduced himself.

Shahrukh Khan’s new movie Pathan has come under fire from hardline Hindu organizations in various states of India ahead of its release. The same happened in Assam.

Himanta Sharma said to journalists on Saturday about the violent protest of the Bajrang party in a cinema hall in Guwahati’s Narang area to prevent the release of Pathan, “Who is this Shahrukh Khan?” Why think so much about him, when we already have many Shah Rukhs.

“I know nothing about Pathan. I don’t even have that time. But so far I have not received any complaints from the hall owners or builders. If any such incident happens, Shah Rukh will have to call me. If you do, I will consider the matter.”

Later that night, Himanta Sharma, who joined the BJP from the Congress, received a call from Shah Rukh Khan, which he tweeted, according to a Hindustan Times report.

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